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Congrats to R.Anirudh of Project Knowledge Chess Academy training under IM CRG Krishna for his stellar and amazing performance in Tamilnadu State Chess Championship.He has increased a whopping 110 ELO rating points and also secured 2nd place in U 13 category.
Congrats to A.Rheyansh of Project Knowledge Chess academy for securing secured 9th place in MCC Alex Kaplan Memorial. He is just 7 years old and already playing in par with the masters in Australia
Receiving 1st prize from Australian IM Justin Tan
Another feather in the cap for A.Rheyansh, training under Project Knowledge Chess Academy. He has achieved a perfect score of 7/7 in the CV Junior Rapid event

Congratulations to Randheer Thogata from Australia, training at Project Knowledge Chess Academy from the past 6 months, for achieving Standard FIDE ELO of 1551.  This is just the beginning!!! 

Vidip Kona, training under PKCA Co-founder IM Ravi Teja, has Qualified to USCF K-3 National chess championship to be held in June.
He scored 6.5 /8 and placed 14th out of 500 members in the Qualifier tournament!!


Congratulations to Akshata Balakrishnan training under PKCA for achieving 2nd place at the Cheney U-12 Event (United Kingdom)

Akshat holding her trophy
Final Standings