Hey chess players and chess lovers. We know how much you guys love chess. We know you talk, breathe and play chess. This week we picked 10 amazing chess books you all must read.

  1. Endgame Strategy by M.I.Shereshevsky 

This book talks about basic principles of end game play, schematic thinking, principles of two weaknesses, complex ending and many more. 

The author explains strategies using simple illustrations and classic examples. 

  1. Play The French by John.L.Watson 

This book has a repertoire for black in the French defense against all of white’s recognized options. 

Watson talks about the choice of two or three against the main line. 

  1. How to reassess your chess – chess mastery through chess imbalances by Jeremy Silman 

The latest edition is fourth and is a modern classic. The book focuses on Silman thinking technique. He talks about imbalances, how to recognize them, how to capitalize them and so on. 

  1. The Mammoth book of chess by Graham Burgess 

This book is considered a Bible for chess players. Mr. Graham Burgess analyzed 100 + greatest games in a very simple and understandable language. It has various techniques related to opening strategies, end strategies and everything in between. 

  1. Mind master – Winning lessons from a Champion’s life by Vishwanathan Anand 

Vishwanathan Anand is an inspiration for many chess aspirants both in India and overseas.

Mind master is his autobiography. Vishy is very transparent about his life, his childhood, success, failures and more. 

  1. Beginning chess play by Bill Robertie 

This book covers key concepts like basic principles of opening, middle and end game strategies, pawn structure and many more. This book is ideal for beginners. 

  1. 1001 Chess exercises for club players by Frank Erwich 

   This book is a complete guide for club and tournament players. You can learn how to identify weak spots in position of your opponents, how to recognize patterns and many more. 

  1. My 60 memorable games by Bobby Fisher 

It has a collection of 60 kick ass games. A lot of analysis of each game is done and tons of takeaways are available. 

  1. The Life and Game of Mikhail Tal by Mikhail Tal 

A must read autobiography of greatest attacking world champion Mikhail Tal.In this book he talks about his early life, his great games with a touch of humor. 

  1. Deep thinking where machine intelligence ends and human creativity begins by Garry Kasparov 

Garry speaks about the iconic game he played with IBM supercomputer Deep blue where he lost to deep blue. 

This book is all about artificial intelligence, technology and chess. 

Hope you enjoy reading these books. 

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Happy Reading!